Graham Sayer sensei passes 7th dan!

We are thrilled to announce that Graham Sayer sensei, of the Auckland Kendo Club, has successfully passed 7th dan this week in Tokyo, at the World Kendo Championships grading try this. Sayer sensei has overcome the ongoing effects of various injuries over the years, and has continued to train under very demanding conditions in Inoue Sensei’s dojo, and elsewhere, whilst in Japan. He has had to overcome the frustration and disappointment of several past attempts to gain this extremely high grade. In true kendo (and Kiwi) fashion he has persevered, pushing himself to physical and emotional limits. The pass rate for 7th dan is very low, and the standard required in all aspects of kendo (kihon, jitsugi, kata and academic understanding) has become steadily higher over the years. Sayer sensei’s achievement not only brings enormous credit to our club, but also to NZ kendo generally. We look forward to his return to NZ so we can celebrate this wonderful achievement with him in the appropriate manner, which will I am sure involve eating, drinking and cheering!


Ken Wells

1 June 2015

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