Auckland Kendo Club

The true strength of the Auckland Kendo Club is its members From its core founding members of over 20 years, to the very newest trainees, the people are the reason our club contains an unbreakable bond The Auckland Kendo Club “family of members” all share a common goal regardless of nationality, to improve themselves both in […]

Our Instructors

Kendo Instructors Graham Sayer –Head Instructor- (Kendo 7th Dan Renshi) Ken Wells (Kendo 6th Dan Renshi) Alan Stephenson (Kendo 6th Dan Renshi) Blake Bennett –Visiting Instructor & Coaching Advisor- (Kendo 6th Dan Renshi) Brent Hansen (Kendo 5th Dan) Kirk Doran (Kendo 5th Dan) Paul Frazer (Kendo 5th Dan) Oscar Xing (Kendo 5th Dan) Philippe Gianni (Kendo 4th Dan) Makoto Kuroda […]

Past Patron

Yoshihiko Inoue-sensei (1928-2015) Born in 1928, Inoue sensei was an accomplished author and a full time kendo leader. He was the current president of the ‘All Japan Kendo Federation’ for the Kendo Kata section. This inspiring man lived in Japan and visited the Auckland Kendo Club once a year. He has been a true friend […]

Fees Schedule

Club Fees The following Auckland Kendo Club Fee structure applies from January 2018: Membership Type Monthly Fee Joining Fee Criteria NZKF Fee – Visitor – $150 for 3 months access Can only be purchased twice (mainly for working holiday visa holders) unless grading or entering National shiai NO A Beginners course – $210 for 10 weeks […]
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