Fees Schedule

Club Fees

Description Fee Amount

Auckland Kendo Club Joining Fee

This is payable upon joining the club for the first time

$30 one off

Auckland Kendo Club Membership Fee

We require this to be paid via Direct Debit for ease of administration. Membership includes access to all Kendo and Iaido training sessions, use of the Dojo and its facilities (men and women changerooms, hot showers, gear storage area)


New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF) Fee

The full amount is paid directly to NZKF and the club does not receive any share of this


Mat Fee

This fee is for non-members of Auckland Kendo Club who would like to casually join our sessions. The fee includes access to training instruction as well as all Dojo facilities

$5 per session

Club Shiai Entry Fee

This fee is for entering the Monthly Auckland Kendo Club Shiai (held every last Monday of the month). Auckland Kendo Club members are exempt from paying this fee. No Mat Fee needs to be paid in addition to the Shiai entry fee

$5 per entry

Items Available For Purchase

Description Cost

Club Zekken (nametag)

This is an official Club nametag that is worn on your armor. It is embroidered with your surname and the club name. Please specify choice of colour upon ordering (black or navy blue)


Soft Drinks

These are available from the Dojo cooler. We usually stock Powerade and mineral water. Great for rehydrating after practice. Payable by CASH only

$3 each

Other Items

The Club does not stock or distribute these items, however can provide some advice on how to acquire them. This is intended for your information only, and may help estimate the “total cost of practicing Kendo”.

Description Approximate Cost

Kendoka Starter Kit

Compulsory when you have joined the Club. The kit consists of the following:

– Keikogi (training top – sometimes just called Gi)

– Hakama (training pants)

– Shinai (bamboo practice sword)

Usually about NZD $100 for a good set of Keikogi and Hakama. Shinai starts at $50 NZD each

Bogu Set

Depending on your learning progress, you are usually expected to be wearing Bogu by 6-12 months into the program. A Bogu set consists of the following:

– Tare (protective belt – where your Zekken will be worn)

– Men (head protection)

– Kote (wrist and hand protection)

– Do (torso protection)

– Tenugui (head towel)

– Bogu gear bag (optional)

Usually from $700 NZD for a set. Price varies considerably based on quality of material and workmanship


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  1. gerardo27/05/2014 at 1:06 am #

    Hi! if i do join the club and start taking lessons right away, I mean without taking the basic begginers course, do I have to get my kendoka set or can I rent or borrow? Or is it best to take the begginers classes first?

    thank you!


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