Past Patron

Yoshihiko Inoue-sensei (1928-2015)


Yoshihiko Inoue-sensei (1928-2015)

Born in 1928, Inoue sensei was an accomplished author and a full time kendo leader. He was the current president of the ‘All Japan Kendo Federation’ for the Kendo Kata section.

This inspiring man lived in Japan and visited the Auckland Kendo Club once a year. He has been a true friend to New Zealand Kendo for the past 20 years, bringing knowledge, life experience and joy to New Zealand Kendoka. His teachings and philosophy about Kata were priceless and brought another dimension to everyone’s practice.

Inoue Sensei took time from his busy schedule every year for many years to visit and instruct at massively successful seminars, in the Auckland Kendo Club and at National Camps.

The Sensei was truly a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, which was demonstrated continuously at his seminars or instructed by him individually during a class. His ability to lift all those he instructs to another level came from the fact he has trained countless struggling Kendoka over his many decades as a Kendo Icon.

  • Yoshihiko Inoue (Inoue Sensei)
  • Author and Kendo Instructor
  • Hanshi Hachidan (8th Dan)
  • Past President of the All Japan Kendo Federation Kata division