AKC Kendo Training Manual


This manual has been compiled as an introduction to kendo and a training aid for kendoists in their first 12 months of kendo at the Auckland Kendo Club.

Whilst considerable reference material has been provided, we must always remember  that the study of kendo is a lifetime commitment and our learning never stops. Much of  the information is presented in a rather brief form and is intended as a basic explanation only.

More in- depth information or background material can be obtained by speaking with higher grades and visiting Japanese sensei, or by reading some or all of the texts quoted in the bibliography.

The Yudanshakai of the Auckland Kendo Club hope that you find this booklet useful in the first part of your kendo journey.

Gambatte Kudasai!!

(Translation: Train hard please)

Please note: This manual is protected under copyright of the Auckland Kendo Club.
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