Alcohol and Drugs Policy

  The Auckland Kendo Club is committed to promoting the health, safety and welfare of all its members by providing a safe training environment. To achieve this policy, the Auckland Kendo Club has adopted a zero tolerance standard to alcohol and drug use in the dojo.  In particular the club aims to: Promote an alcohol and drug […]

Glossary of Terms

Aiuchi Simultaneous scoring of points or sometimes termed as mutual death by both Kendoists. Arigato Thank you. Atto Backward movement. Bogu Set of armour worn by Kendoists Bokken/ Bokuto Solid wooden practice sword, mainly used for kata. Budo An ancient Japanese term meaning “Way of knighthood” but nowadays refers to all the Japanese martial arts. Bushi […]


A Book of Five Rings An introduction to Zen Buddhism Budoshoshinshu Bushido, The way of the Warrior Classical Bushido Early Japan Hagakure Ideals of the Samurai Japanese Swordsmanship Martial Arts Military Swords of Japan Musashi Secrets of the Samurai The Book of the Samurai The Classical Man The Craft of the Japanese sword The Japanese […]
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