1.5 Kendo, Iaido, Jodo – a comparison


Kendo, the art of Japanese swordsmanship is a way of life designed to contribute to self- development through training in the guiding principles underlying the art of the sword.

Through rigorous training in kendo, the student strengthens their body and mind, develops a strong spirit, learns to treat people properly, to value truth, to be sincere, to always strive for self- development, love society and country and contribute to the peace and prosperity of humanity.


Iaido is the art of drawing the Japanese sword and is practiced individually with either an Iaito (imitation sword) or a Shinken (real sword – hand forged). Iaido is an art of self defence where you draw your sword immediately against an enemy’s attack.

You aim to beat the opponent the moment your blade leaves the scabbard. It was formed about 400 years ago and has been studied ever since by many kendoists plus other Budo styles. The purpose of Iai is to ultimately master the secret of winning over your opponent with your sword left in its scabbard, that is, to settle problems without resorting to arms.


The Jo is a weapon made of Japanese white oak and is 128 cm in length. Jodo is a traditional martial art of Japan, aimed at self defence against an attacking swordsman. It enables you to suppress your enemy’s offense and to give him a lesson without inflicting a wound in return.

Jodo is practiced mainly to mould the mind and body. Jodo aims at not merely improving your skills, but also cultivating your mind.

Jodo is the third art to come under the umbrella of the Japan Kendo Federation and is 500 years old, so relatively new compared to kendo.

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