2.1 Dojo etiquette

A Dojo or  training area is a place where serious instruction and study of a martial art takes place.

Please obey the following rules of etiquette and safety:

  1. Remove your shoes on entering the dojo and place them neatly in a row with others
  2. Bow (Rei) as you enter or leave the dojo
  3. Make sure your kendo gear is clean and tidy and your own person is clean – no dirty  hands or feet
  4. Everyone should assist in the cleaning of the dojo (soji)
  5. Check your shinai and other kendo equipment before practice starts
  6. Place your armour (Bogu) in a straight line when lining up ready to start practice
  7. Always remember to assist lower grades where possible
  8. Have respect for all people regardless of rank
  9. During the practice the higher grades stand on the Sensei side facing the lower grades
  10. If you must adjust your armour during the practice then move off the practice area, or to the side. Your armour should always be put on in seiza (sitting position)
  11. If relaxed sitting is permitted, sit with your legs crossed but not showing your feet
  12. Ensure that you arrive at the dojo in plenty of time to change into your kendo gear before the warm-ups commence


  • Step over a shinai or other swords.
  • Run in the dojo unless it is part of taiso ( warm ups )
  • Use bad language or whistle
  • Eat or drink in the dojo
  • Walk in front of other kendoists who are seated or standing
  • Move another person’s equipment without first asking
  • Leave the dojo floor during practice without asking
  • Smoke in the dojo
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