2.2 Basic Japanese terms used in Kendo

Rei Bow
Shomen ni rei  Bow to the front
Otagai ni rei Bow to each  other
Tatte Stand up
Hajime Start
Yame Stop
Hai Yes
Onegai shimasu Please help me
Arigato gozaimashita Thank you very much
Kamae to Draw the sword
Osame to Put the sword away
Shomen suburi Single cutting to the head
Zengo suburi Double cutting to the head
Sayumen suburi Cut to the side of the head
Haya suburi Jumping cutting
Joge bure Large swinging cut – straight
Naname bure Large swing cut – diagonal
Mae Front
Ato Back
Migi Right
Hidari Left
Tenouchi To squeeze the shinai at the moment of the cut
Zanshin Point of awareness, sense of awareness
Shinai Bamboo sword
Bokuto Wooden sword
Iaito Imitation steel sword used for Iaido
Shinken Samurai sword, hand forged
Bogu Armour
Keiko gi Kendo uniform
Men Helmet
Kote Gloves
Do Chest protector
Tare Groin and hip protector


Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi or Yon Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi or Nana Seven
Hachi Eight
Kyu Nine
Jyu Ten
Jyu Ichi Eleven
Jyu Ni Twelve
Jyu San Thirteen
Jyu Shi Fourteen
Jyu Go Fifteen
Jyu Roku Sixteen
Jyu Shichi Seventeen
Jyu Hachi Eighteen
Jyu Kyu Nineteen
Ni Jyu Twenty
Ni Jyu Ichi Twenty One
Ni Jyu Ni Twenty Two
Ni Jyu … and so on
San Jyu Thirty


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