Section 2: Etiquette

2.1 Dojo etiquette

A Dojo or  training area is a place where serious instruction and study of a martial art takes place. Please obey the following rules of etiquette and safety: Remove your shoes on entering the dojo and place them neatly in a row with others Bow (Rei) as you enter or leave the dojo Make sure […]

2.2 Basic Japanese terms used in Kendo

Rei Bow Shomen ni rei  Bow to the front Otagai ni rei Bow to each  other Tatte Stand up Hajime Start Yame Stop Hai Yes Onegai shimasu Please help me Arigato gozaimashita Thank you very much Kamae to Draw the sword Osame to Put the sword away Shomen suburi Single cutting to the head Zengo […]
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