3.1 The Kendo uniform

Your Kendo uniform consists of a jacket (Gi) and the divided skirt (Hakama) and the combination of these is called Keiko gi.

  1. When putting on the gi the left side crosses over the right
  2. Tie the bows uniformly and horizontally
  3. Ensure the gi is not bunched up at the back – pull it towards the sides to correct this
  4. When stepping into your hakama, put the left foot in first
  5. Lift the front of the hakama to your waist level, cross the straps behind your back and bring around to the front on an angle to cross over at about approximately 10cm below your navel
  6. Pass the straps around to the back again and tie in a firm bow
  7. Now, pick up the back of the hakama and place it firmly in the small of your back
  8. Bring the straps on a downward angle around to the front and tie a tidy knot
  9. Tuck the remainder of the straps in neatly towards the back at the sides
  10. The hem of the hakama should be no higher than the ankles and slightly higher at the back than the front
  11. No bare skin should be showing at the sides


Your appearance and grooming are essential elements of your kendo practice. Your Kendo uniform should be clean, neatly pressed at all times, in good condition, the correct size and length, and worn in the prescribed manner. National flags or club emblems should be worn in the correct position. Jewellery such as chains, earrings, bracelets etc. are to be removed prior to practice.

Your kendo uniform should reflect your sincerity and dedication to the art of kendo, as well as the pride you have in yourself and your kendo club.

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