Section 3: Uniform and Equipment

3.1 The Kendo uniform

Your Kendo uniform consists of a jacket (Gi) and the divided skirt (Hakama) and the combination of these is called Keiko gi. When putting on the gi the left side crosses over the right Tie the bows uniformly and horizontally Ensure the gi is not bunched up at the back – pull it towards the sides to […]

3.2 Equipment

Basic Kendo equipment consists of: Bogu (The Armour)  Men   (Helmet)  Kote   (Gloves, wrist protectors)  Do      (Chest protector)  Tare   (Hip & groin protector) Tenugui (Head scarf) Shinai (Bamboo sword) Bokuto (Wooden sword, for Kendo kata)

3.3 Armour

Putting on the Tare Place your tare at waist height with the three large flaps facing outwards Pass the straps around the back,  cross them over and bring around to the front again Tie them in a very firm bow under the central flap just over the hara (lower abdomen) There should be continual pressure from […]

3.4 Shinai

Selecting a shinai Choosing the best and most suitable shinai for you is a matter of personal taste. However, there are some general guidelines to be followed: User Junior High Senior High Adult Length Male/Female 114 cm max. 117 cm max. 120 cm max. Weight Male 425 gms min. 470 gms min. 500 gms min. […]
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