7.2 Kamae used in Kata

Kata gives us the opportunity to practice a large number of kamae in various situations as well as a number of attacking and blocking and counter attacking movements. Each kamae will be taught in detail during kata practice, however, for reference purposes, the commencing kamae in each kata are:

Ipponme Morotte hidari jodan Morotte migi jodan
Nihonme Chudan Chudan
Sanbonme Gedan Gedan
Yonhonme Hasso Waki
Gohonme Morotte hidari jodan Chudan (Pointing at Uchidachi’s left wrist)
Ropponme Chudan Gedan
Nanahome Chudan Chudan
Kodachi Kata
Ipponme Morotte hidari jodan Chudan hanmi
Nihonme Gedan Gedan hanmi
Sanbonme Chudan Gedan

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