AKC Monthly Shiai

The Auckland Kendo Club’s Monthly Kendo Shiai is typically held on every first Sunday or last Sunday of the month but there are sometimes exceptions. Please make sure that you look at the Club’s Events calendar to confirm.

Rules and entry requirements

  • All members of NZKF clubs can compete in the Shiai
  • You do not need to be member of AKC to compete
  • Members of AKC can compete in the Shiai at no charge
  • There will be a small entry fee for non-AKC members to compete in the Shiai
  • The Shiai is open to all ages, any gender, and all ranks – unranked practitioners, Kyu, and Dan rank holders
  • If you intend to compete, then you must register your name with the Shiai organiser by no later than 6:50pm
  • When you are not competing, you will be expected to assist in refereeing (becoming a Shinpan), timekeeping, or scorekeeping
  • First Shiai match starts at 7:05pm
  • If you are a Shiai beginner, please be sure to review the AKC’s Kendo Manual section on Shiai first

How it works

Example tournament tree with 8 competitor slots (originating from 4 pools).

Example tournament tree with 8 competitor slots (originating from 4 pools).


  1. Competitors are first allocated into pools. This is a random selection process
  2. Number of pools created will depend on the number of competitors (either 2 pools  for smaller turnouts, or 4 pools for bigger turnouts)
  3. We usually aim to have approximately 4-5 competitors in each pool
  4. Within each pool – competitors will have a match with every other competitor within his/her pool. For example:
    • If there are 3 competitors in the pool (A,B, and C), then there will be a total of 3 matches (A vs B, B vs C, C vs A)
    • If there are 4 competitors in the pool then there will be a total of 6 matches
    • If there are 5 competitors in the pool then there will be a total of 10 matches
    • And so on…
  5. There will no encho-sen (overtime, sudden death) in case of a tie result during pool matches
  6. The best TWO competitors out of each pool will rise into the tournament tree (determined by the pool matches) – each pool has a “winner” and a “runner-up”. Therefore
    • In 2-pool scenario we will end up with 4 competitors on the tournament tree (4 slots)
    • In 4-pool scenario we will end up with 8 competitors (8 slots)
  7. Each pool “winner” will be matched “runner-up” from another pool
  8. If a tournament tree match goes into a tie, the match will enter encho-sen (sudden death, overtime) until there is a winner
  9. The competitor who rises above the tournament tree will hold the Shiai champion title

Tournament prize

The Shiai champion title holder will be awarded the AKC Shiai trophy (plus “bragging rights” as extra). You will be able to defend this title for as long as you keep winning the monthly tournaments. If someone else takes your champion title then the trophy will switch hands (Note: the trophy will remain placed at the Club Dojo. It is not to be taken home).



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