Kendo Kata Video Tutorial

Video clips illustrating correct application of the Nihon Kendo no Kata as endorsed by the All Japan Kendo Federation. Yes the commentary is in Japanese but visually they are easy to understand. [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLm2_6NhoJ9LRhK3AK0kmBQ5SGN80-ia9x”]

Inoue-sensei: The Difference Between Ippon and Yukodatotsu (Video)

Inoue Sensei¬† has a close relationship with the Auckland Kendo Club and New Zealand Kendo in general , he has visited us over 12 times in the last 15 years .¬† He is such a great communicator. His knowledge of all things Kendo is well known both in Japan and in many countries through out […]

Inoue-sensei: Above The Well of Kendo Wisdom

Inoue Yoshihiko (Kendo Hanshi 8th dan) On Kendo History and Nihon Kendo Kata. Filming by Graham Sayer Translation and Editing by Kendo World Team Please click on “captions” to enable subtitles. If you wish to comment this video, please go to
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