Inoue-sensei: The Difference Between Ippon and Yukodatotsu (Video)

Produced by Graham Sayer, President of New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF)

Inoue Sensei  has a close relationship with the Auckland Kendo Club and New Zealand Kendo in general , he has visited us over 12 times in the last 15 years .  He is such a great communicator. His knowledge of all things Kendo is well known both in Japan and in many countries through out the world .

The Sensei is 84 year old this year (2014) and is still present  at every Keiko at the Chion Kenshu Kan dojo here in Yaizu City , Shizuoka.

I am hoping this series of Videos will assist Kenshi everywhere and give them a rare chance to hear the opinions and wisdom of an extremely experienced Kendo teacher .

The Sensei has written many books in his time and one has been translated and published by Alex Bennett and the Kendo World Team . If you have a chance and want to understand deeply the meaning behind the Nihon Kendo Kata then read Kendo Kata: Essence and Application

I hope to produce over time a number of these video with material I am collecting during my time in Yaizu . I have had the pleasure of learning Kendo for the last 22 years or my 33 year Kendo career under the guidance of Inoue Sensei . Even though most of my time is spent in Japan these days my home dojo is The Auckland Kendo Club.

2 Responses to “Inoue-sensei: The Difference Between Ippon and Yukodatotsu (Video)”

  1. Jacek Hajduk21/03/2014 at 1:08 am #

    Sorry for being too direct. It is your moral duty to preserve and spread such wisdom Mr Sayer.

  2. Eugene Nemenzo09/09/2017 at 3:32 pm #

    This is a great service to the ever expanding world of Kendo. Thank you very much.

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