What is Kendo?

what is kendo

“Perfect, they are all perfect” says the actor Ken Watanabe while acting as Katsumoto in the movie ‘The Last Samurai’.  He is dying and watching sakura flowers also known as Cherry Blossoms – he is dying and cherishing this last moment of pure harmony.  Samurai were not afraid of death.  It was a part of their everyday life, a part of their job.  How about the modern man or woman?  How would he/she feel if death was a part of his/her everyday life?

Well, it is easy to find out.

Kendo is a journey that can take you to the best of yourself.

Have you ever wanted to know what’s inside you?   Have you ever dreamed of being challenged in battle and being the last one standing?  Have you ever held a sword and wished you knew how to master it?

Kendo will teach you how to control yourself to move at the very last second, it will teach you that no matter who is in front of you, your chances of winning are equal.  You will learn respect and in return, will be respected.  You will meet people who will inspire you and with practice you will master a weapon and become one of the new Samurai.

Imagine a sword held by a gigantic man coming towards you at what seems to be light speed. Create a mental picture of the action slowed down 200% – this huge opponent running towards you and yourself in armor.   Feel your heartbeat accelerating until it stops – noises are silenced, your spirit is high, he is almost on you now but nothing moves.  Finally  see the world coming back to normal, your opponent is beneath you, your sword is pointing up to the sky and you are screaming with everything you have inside you – the perfect move, the perfect strike, you won!

“Perfect, they are all perfect” says Katsumoto, his last words.  And what would you say if you knew that the way you hold a sword shows the way you live your life?

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